Closing the Door on This Trip

by Amanda Coyne —

What an incredible end to an even more incredible trip! On our last day of Hofstra in NYC, final memories were made and contact information was exchanged. Our last activity was a visit to the Museum of the Moving Image, and the group took this opportunity to spend one last light-hearted day with each other. The train ride to Astoria was full of laughs as we played games to guess movies and chatted about our crazy week.

The Museum of the Moving Image was as cool as it sounds, especially for communication students. I loved seeing the origins of moving images, like the galloping horse, through to present-day cameras that can capture videos instantly. My favorite two moments were dubbing over a scene from School of Rock with our own voices, and visiting the museum’s sports video game exhibit where I got to play some childhood favorites. Though I didn’t win in Super Smash Bros, I did throw some mean pitches in Backyard Baseball.

Once our tour had ended, we took a two minute walk over to Monika’s Cafe for lunch. I really loved sitting with my new friends for a final meal together as we continued our movie-guessing game and reflected on the trip.

I am so grateful to have been a part of Hofstra’s first NYC trip. Not only was the itinerary exciting and interesting, but the group’s enthusiasm and kindness made it even better. Besides the inside jokes and the nicknames– hello, my new name is Miranda– the networking opportunities and inside look into some major companies was probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m so glad I applied all the way back in October, and I will always talk-up the program to future students. I need to throw in a huge thank you to Professor Morosoff and Dr. Gershon for putting this trip together and allowing me to be a part of the trip, and for being the best fearless leaders of our group. Hofstra in NYC will never be forgotten.

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