Goodbye and Farewell

By Olivia Sottile —

The last day of the trip was a nice relaxing walk in the park compared to the rest of the week. We hopped on the train and headed to Astoria where we visited The Museum of the Moving Image. On the 40 minute train ride out we had to occupy ourselves somehow, so we resorted to our childhood. Playing games on the train with a group of people I have suddenly became so close with over the week felt like I was back at home with my friends from kindergarten. 

It is weird to think how the trip has changed me in such drastic ways. And I know it sounds dramatic, but this week has completely prepared me for the real world. Living in the city on our own, meeting with CEOs and presidents of significant companies, and forming a more professional and put together version of myself all came from the short week. Along with completely changing my desired career, I have been able to grow as a person.

When I first came to Hofstra, the appeal was the School of Communication. It clearly is well known and has produced successful people from all walks of life and different career paths. I expected to do my four years, graduate with a degree in public relations, and move on. But it has already been much more than I could have ever imagined.

I would recommend this trip a thousand times over to anyone and everyone. Thank you to Hofstra, Professor Morosoff, Dr. Gershon, all the new freinds I have made, and all the professionals I met this week.


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