Our Last Day

By Melanie Clark —

On our last day of the trip we went to Astoria, Queens to visit the Museum of The Moving Image. We took a tour of how movies and moving images were made throughout history and different techniques people use in movies. They also had a Jim Henson exhibit; this was my favorite part because I love the Muppets and they had a lot of them displayed. After exploring the museum, we went out to lunch and headed home.

This week was an amazing experience and I am so happy that we got to meet a lot of Hofstra alumni in the industry who I’d want to work in. I am also happy that I got to meet all the people who were on the trip with me. They made walking 10 miles in one day fun and networking not nerve-wracking. This week we were able to see behind-the-scenes of so many places I never thought I’d be able to see. It opened my eyes to areas I would be interested in working in and gave me ideas of internships and jobs I would want to have one day. I have always wanted to do entertainment PR, and this week confirmed that for me and made me even more excited for my future career. I’m excited that I have a lot of new contacts and that my network has been expanded. I strongly encourage everyone in the School of Communication to apply to this program. I already know I’m going to be jealous of all the students who get to go next year.

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