The Final Day

By Thomas Arnow —
Today, with bittersweet emotions, marked the last day of our program in New York City, which was an incredible look into the lives of media professionals in a whole host of industries as well as an opportunity to have seen the city like I never have before. It makes a difference when midtown is a five minute walk away vs. an hour by train.
Our last activity of the week was a visit to the Museum of the Moving Image, a space that chronicles the tech and art of moving images from video games to synchronized sound played with motion pictures. I must say, the area exhibiting video games captured most of my attention. It is a surreal mix of arcade and history/art exhibit.
Following the day’s museum trip, we returned to the Fashion Institute of Technology’s dorms for the final time and packed up our stuff to head home.
This past week has been an amazing shared experience between us 10 students and two professors that I can’t picture having gone any other way.
To all of you, it’s been real, and I’ll see you around 😊.

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