NYC: Day 7 – The Final Goodbye

By Tulsi Jipp —

Today was our last day in New York. After a fun week in the city it is now time to say goodbye. We started the day by heading to Astoria to go to the Museum of the Moving Image. We got a tour of the museum and got to look and hear from a wonderful guide. We got to see all things from cameras, costumes, games, and more. I have already been to the museum but never got a tour and hear about the history and things behind it. I really liked getting to explore the museum in depth.

After the museum we went to Monika’s Café Bar for lunch. I got avocado toast with poached eggs and home fries. It was really good. It was a cute little restaurant.  We all got to hang out and talk. We also started playing a game where you have to describe a movie and then people have to guess what that movie is. It was then time to say goodbye to everyone before I headed to the airport to come home.

Overall this whole trip was incredible. I really enjoyed my time this whole week. I really liked that we were able to do this in NYC as well as L.A. Since we are going to school so close to the city, it is important for us to make connections right here because this is where we are going to be interning. I came into this already knowing what I am interested in, which is entertainment/music PR. So, going to these places and meeting people at different companies definitely confirmed that working in the entertainment industry is what I would like to do for the rest of my career. I’m going to miss this a lot. But hopefully I will get a chance to do this again in L.A. But for now, this is where we end and say goodbye to the wonderful Big Apple.

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