Last Day: I miss you guys already

Of course I had to include this iconic picture

By Eleni Kothesakis —

Finally met Big Bird!

After what has felt like the longest week of my life, our time with Hofstra in NYC has come to an end. For our last day, we ventured out to Astoria, the land of my people, to visit the Museum of the Moving Image and then go for lunch. What could’ve easily been an unbearable subway ride turned into a really fun, long game of basically “Guess That Movie.” We were somehow able to continue this game for the rest of the day, and I’m still not quite certain if we ever really finished it.

Finally, we arrived at the museum and I’ve never been there before, so I was really excited to go and I was not disappointed. It was really interactive and I thoroughly enjoyed the Jim Henson exhibit after visiting Sesame Workshop earlier in the week. I enjoyed being able to spend time with everyone one last time while also still learning about things that I didn’t know before. 

Technology, am I right?

Our last group activity as lunch at Monika’s Café Bar where we had some great food, coffee and conversation. The last week has been such a bonding experience and while networking was a highlight and the main reason I wanted to come on this trip, the bonds and friendships I’ve made have been a great bonus. I’ll never forget almost crying on the Vessel, but being comforted by my new friends. Or always ordering the exact same thing as Max at restaurants because we have identical stomachs. Or wearing face masks and eating ice cream with Annalisa, Amanda and Max. Or converting Melanie (otherwise known as Mekanie or Bethany) into my Greek twin. All of these memories and more are what made this trip so special. I’m so glad I took the risk in one of the first months of my freshman year to apply to this program, and I am grateful for all of the alumni, Professor Morosoff and Professor Gershon, and everyone else who attended this program who made it so memorable for me.

I’m glad, however, to be back home with my dog, my bed and a shower with hot water. Now it’s time to sleep until the beginning of the fall semester.

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