Day Seven: Farewell, My Lovely

By Annalisa Peña —

Today is the last day of our week in NYC. The only thing on our agenda was the Museum of Moving Images and a goodbye lunch, a great was to ease out of the incredible adventure. I had previously been to the Museum of Moving Images, yet it didn’t fail to to impress me. Our goodbye lunch at the lovely Monikas, in Queens, was delicious and concluded with a happy birthday to Olivia. It was a great way to end our time together.

This trip was one of the best decisions I think I will make in my college career. You can sit in a classroom and have people tell you what PR is and how to be good publicist or PR person, but nothing beats actually witnessing it first-hand. We got to sit in chairs of people whom we wanted their jobs. We got to listen to people who are experiencing the career we are working towards, in that very moment. I think everyone on the trip had a moment of “I want your job” to at least one professional that we met. That moment for me was at Republic Records and Weber Shandwick. These connections and experiences will not only have a special place in our hearts, but may be a vital piece in our careers. This industry does care about what you know, of course, because you will have to preform well in your position. However, what gets you the chance to perform is who you know. We have started to build our network on this trip with huge name companies and amongst ourselves, my peers, as well. At the end of the trip, a couple of my peers, who I can call my friends, stacked our hands on one another and vowed to help each other out. We lifted our hands with silly smiles from cheek to cheek and cheered, “network!”

I am am so grateful for the memories and connections I have made throughout this exhausting, fulfilling and motivating week-long journey. I am unfathomably eager to see where my career will take me and where my peers will end up as well. I will apply all that I have learned and shoot for the moon, because as the saying goes, if I miss, I will land amongst the stars. 

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