Day 7: Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)

By Max Sacco —

After seven incredible days of newsrooms, PR agencies, and NYC itself, the Hofstra in NYC trip is over. I made one final trip to my corner deli this morning, and instead of a bacon, egg, and cheese, I decided to get an omelet for breakfast instead. Afterwards, the group headed to Queens to visit the Museum of the Moving Image. The museum had a bunch of interesting artifacts and exhibits, like the Jim Henson exhibit where I was able to see old muppets from the past like the Swedish chef. After the museum, we went to a small restaurant on the corner to celebrate the end of the trip and the sad reality that it was over and everyone would return home. We then went back to the dorms, gathered our stuff and I walked to Penn Station, got on the Long Beach line from the LIRR, and returned home. The Hofstra in NYC trip was amazing, allowing me to see myself with a PR future, and also let me make very close friends for my remaining years at Hofstra.

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